Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We are working so hard preparing for our new adventure this summer. By the end of this week we need to have sold as much of our excessive belongings as possible... Traveling light :D
Excitement levels are high so lots of yoga and meditation is helping us stay focused, organized and confident. 
We might not be posting much if anything until Monday, April 30th 2012. For sure we will have lots of news to share then :)

But for now the news are about out little brother Guiga, he married Bel this past weekend April 22nd 2012. It was a dream for us to be able to be at their wedding and it was so beautiful!!! They are truly in love and everyone could see it in their eyes and gestures. What a blessing... Both of us were honored to see the celebration of their love, especially because it's not every day that we get to be a part of such meaningful time in the lives of our loved ones. Our little brother and his wife deserve all the happiness they feel and more to come upon them, Blessed be. May everything they give to others be given to them 10 times fold!! We are bragging and proud to do so because it was so touching to be there :) love love love it!!!We will post pictures as soon as we finish working on them <3


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