Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Recipe For Crazy

Incredibly interesting to observe the behavior of some random people. It's like they are preparing their favorite dish from a well known recipe. "Everybody else is cooking it, so why not me?" -They must tell themselves.
First a very important ingredient; they add false encouragement, hoping to God that at the "end" (sadly they actually pray to see the end of it)  they can say: "-I always supported you (like you owe them something like an apology for living your life the way you want to) because I love you, but I knew this wouldn't end well." That way they think they have their place saved in heaven. Once false encouragement is added they put in their doubts and call it "worries". They doubt that good things can happen without the "catch". Then they tell you just how worried they are because they "love you". Then it's time to pour some poison at their own discretion just to see if there is any reaction to it. To their delight a reaction is apparent allowing them to stir some gossip. Gossip hopefully will make sure to bring many visitors to try their dish. But they are still preparing it and by now everybody knows they will have free food soon, so they all can't wait to eat it. After that they blend together all their bitterness, judgement, lies, assumptions, exaggerations, enviousness thoughts, unrequested opinions and deliberate invasion of your personal life to add some spice to it. Can't forget to mash all feelings, choices, decisions and integrity of yours, because those are for desert. It's almost done when they dash some misguided conclusions of what they think life should be like for everyone according to their own tyrant and arrogant perceptions. Telling themselves just how delicious it's going to taste.
It's ready!! Now they gather to talk about how stupid you are and how much they love and miss you and how they wish you would just see that they are there for you, that your changes are only temporary and how patient and forgiving they are for all the horrible things you've said and done, again full of hope that God will open the gates for them. They discuss the latest absurd ridiculous things you are doing, that they find out by stalking on you, "secretly" checking out if "you are okay" thinking you have no idea who they are, they are so sure that you are oblivious to their malicious and "between the lines", intentional and provocative, random comments. At times they laugh at you, others they are just so angry, fruit of their own misery. Furthermore they say that everything you say to them applies only to yourself. They ignore your attempts to negotiate a fair outcome to both sides, they disregard your open and  honest  wishes, they say everything you want is not really your want and that you are certainly only doing what someone, other than them, wants.
Then they eat their own gak!!
They obviously don't like the taste of it then they promise to do a better job next time, in a repetitive obsessive cycle.  They are sure that they haven't done anything wrong and don't know why it doesn't taste so good. The taste of abandonment... They abandon you and everything that means the world to you so that they can say you abandoned them.. Tasteless minds..

Our suggestion is; - change the ingredients!
Bon Appetite
Cheers ;)

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