Monday, April 30, 2012


We are so tired !!
This past weekend really made us long for bed  ZzzZzZzZZzzzzzZ :)
It's all good anyway, the garage sale was awesome, we got rid of so much stuff and it still just the beginning... Great deals (On Both Sides) made it go fast !! After all, it was a bit sad to see some things go so we might as well make good money for it :)
Now we are planning on our next garage sale, here in a couple of weeks. Our hard work paid off, long hours preparing everything, meanwhile we both got a bad cold/allergies :(
We took it easy this Monday but we should soon resume to a major clean up. It will be great when all this is done :)
How was everybody's weekend? Let us know if anything interesting is going on with you readers, we just checked our e-mails and there are so many, getting hard to keep up!! So while we are dealing with the organization of our lives here, please be patient with the time its taking for us to reply. We certainly read all the e-mails (try to keep it short and straight to the point without losing the initial feeling that moved you to share what you want with us, we know that might be a lot to ask, it's just a suggestion), but it may be a while before we can  reply to them, only because we a so busy and will continue to be for the next month or so.
Thank you for the warm comment on our culture clash story, it means so much to us  XxX

Isn't this a magical place?!? -We think so too... Beautiful :)

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