Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Do - Eu Faço

I do it for my daughter and my son. I do it for my grandma and her mom.
I do it today as I learned it tomorrow, what will be before time and sorrow.
I do it independently and in communion, I do it for freedom and union.
I do it for my husband and his family. I do it for my neighbors regardless of their names.
I do it for justice, I do it equally. I do it for focus and my sanity.
I do it when I fall and when I get up. I do it before dawn and when the champagne pops.
I do it for children and their essence, I do it passionately holding onto their innocence.
I do it for mold breaking, to challenge, to change. I do it with all my love and when my heart is aching.
I do it for men and women, I do it with no torture. I do it for their pure semen and the world culture.
I do it organically, genetically unmodified. I do it unartificially, I do it bonafide.
I do it creatively despite your judgement, I do magically, preserving the sentiment.
I do it instinctively honest, because there is no reason to lie, I do it gracefully whole, for time must die.
I do it in meditation,  when I shower, when I sleep. I do it in silence, when I sing and dive deep.
I do it frequently, unapologetic as there is no shame. I do it for you, your growth, and because we are the same.
I do it when I dance with my soul in a trance.
I do it for the thieves, for killers, for whores. I do it in plain sight outdoors.
I do it with no flaws, no sins, no outcast. I do it when I forget the past.
I do it socially, politically and in death. For social and political issues, too, shall pass.
I do it for myself, there is nothing else. I do it within nature, the elements and the Celts.
I do with God, in God's great joy and perfection. I do it confident of his infinite wisdom and protection.


-Dja Pierce

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