Monday, April 30, 2012


We are so tired !!
This past weekend really made us long for bed  ZzzZzZzZZzzzzzZ :)
It's all good anyway, the garage sale was awesome, we got rid of so much stuff and it still just the beginning... Great deals (On Both Sides) made it go fast !! After all, it was a bit sad to see some things go so we might as well make good money for it :)
Now we are planning on our next garage sale, here in a couple of weeks. Our hard work paid off, long hours preparing everything, meanwhile we both got a bad cold/allergies :(
We took it easy this Monday but we should soon resume to a major clean up. It will be great when all this is done :)
How was everybody's weekend? Let us know if anything interesting is going on with you readers, we just checked our e-mails and there are so many, getting hard to keep up!! So while we are dealing with the organization of our lives here, please be patient with the time its taking for us to reply. We certainly read all the e-mails (try to keep it short and straight to the point without losing the initial feeling that moved you to share what you want with us, we know that might be a lot to ask, it's just a suggestion), but it may be a while before we can  reply to them, only because we a so busy and will continue to be for the next month or so.
Thank you for the warm comment on our culture clash story, it means so much to us  XxX

Isn't this a magical place?!? -We think so too... Beautiful :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Culture Clash - Colisao de Culturas

The Restaurant

Just want to share this funny conversation my Wife and I had a few days ago - We had stopped at a garage (gas station, for the Americans in the audience !!) to play the lottery, which was not won by us by the way - so hold back the business proposals for now, and there was a deli there so, it being lunch time and us being peckish, we decided to get something small to eat - not that it really matters to the story but I got a sausage sandwich and Dja got a chicken sandwich and chips (french fries, again for our American readers !!) 
                                                        In the midst of Devouring my wonderfully tasty sausage sandwich and admiring the incredibly juicy chicken sandwich my Wife had got - I offered her a bite mine, just to try it... she declined.          ...after a pause on my behalf and no 'return offer' to my dismay, I dropped the Ideal of getting a taste of the chicken sandwich that she herself proclaimed to be one of the tastiest chicken sandwiches ever!!
                                                        Now, those that know me know that I love my food and would know that I'm borderline obsessive about trying everything - but, I did let it go and I could see that my Wife really was enjoying her sandwich... All was well, her chips (french fries) were late to be delivered to us and as we had finished our sandwiches we decided to get back on the road. Dja propped the chips up next to her to be able to eat while she was driving..... I, sitting in the passenger seat and, not having felt like I would want 'a whole bag' of chips reached over to grab a handful of the tasty little morsels !! ....This is where it gets into it - Not understanding why I didn't just get a bag of chips for myself we got into the conversation. Now, grant it, the bag was smaller than I anticipated it would be, and I being the food mongrel I am, I would have easily finished one all to myself. However I couldn't understand why it would be any concern of hers to share - just a few, with me (those that know me would also know too that if I could get away with it - it would be more than just a few really !! ) Then, It all came out in the wash... We came from very different backgrounds growing up - My Wife being Brazilian, And me being Irish American and growing up most of my life in Ireland had very different experiences when eating out...
                                                  Dja's friends and family grew up with the mentality of 'get what you want' to eat and enjoy it. They don't really do the whole 'try a bit of yours please', and if you've been to Brazil you'll also notice that most places are 'buffet' style - So there's no need to even look at someone else's plate !! So.. by her mindset she'll get what she wants and I'll get what I want. However !!  ...My Family - most of which still live in Ireland - are very much 'hand over fist' in a restaurant, In fact it's almost considered 'taboo' to order the same thing as someone else because then we won't all get to try everything on the menu !! Not to mention when we 'see' what someone else has it 'puts a longing' on us.. We want some.. just a taste at least !! O.K. O.K. - It's a little more complicated than that really - It's not like we're always 'willing' to share what ever food we've purchased, at times we're very begrudging about the offer, but in order to receive a taste - a taste Must be offered !! And when offered a taste - a taste must be returned !!  .. in fact I can't even say that it's an Irish trait to share our plates (more a 'my family thing')- My Friend Tommy HATED it when I would ask 'for a bit'.. even after he would offer to buy me my own so that he could enjoy his.. but in my defense (though not a good one) I didn't want a full meal or I didn't feel like eating at the time... but Low and behold when it was there in front of me and the waft of food was filling the air ... 'The Longing' would strike !! much to his dismay and pure annoyance !! The look of disgust would invade his every gesture when my hand would reach over (usually without the courtesy of asking! )
                                        Though, Dja often commented on on how 'Cute' it was that my family tried a bit of everyone's, and slipped morsels of food on side plates across the table, the thought still was never a natural occurrence for her to do the same...  even when the 'Offer Taste, Receive Taste' rule was applied !! As was applied when I offered her a bit of my sausage sandwich.And, for my part, I never appreciated the fact that some people (if not most) just get what it is they want to eat and assume that you will do the same for yourself. Though we do both agree that without question we would gladly share with anyone who is without, without second thought.
The Moral of the Story -

Not just Cultures are different, People are different. And without understanding those small idiosyncrasies of others we can easily fall into the trap of assuming others ignorance's - but it's always only in comparison to our self assumed arrogance.

In Conclusion -

I'm so blessed to have a Wife / Partner / Best Friend / Lover / Confidant / Soul mate that takes the time to talk with me and get through even the smallest of things. We grow together and learn together and never let the small issues creep in on us - those are the seeds of dismay that can creep up on you if you let them in. we love to gaze upon the beauty in life with open laughter about our 'little traits' and protect the simplicity of that Love.

Thank you for reading.. May you and yours be blessed with all the clarity of living and receive in abundance the affluence that life has to offer - Blessed Be !!

Brian x

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We are working so hard preparing for our new adventure this summer. By the end of this week we need to have sold as much of our excessive belongings as possible... Traveling light :D
Excitement levels are high so lots of yoga and meditation is helping us stay focused, organized and confident. 
We might not be posting much if anything until Monday, April 30th 2012. For sure we will have lots of news to share then :)

But for now the news are about out little brother Guiga, he married Bel this past weekend April 22nd 2012. It was a dream for us to be able to be at their wedding and it was so beautiful!!! They are truly in love and everyone could see it in their eyes and gestures. What a blessing... Both of us were honored to see the celebration of their love, especially because it's not every day that we get to be a part of such meaningful time in the lives of our loved ones. Our little brother and his wife deserve all the happiness they feel and more to come upon them, Blessed be. May everything they give to others be given to them 10 times fold!! We are bragging and proud to do so because it was so touching to be there :) love love love it!!!We will post pictures as soon as we finish working on them <3


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Earth is alive!! 
The beating of your heart and your breathing is directly connected to the Earth's rhythm. Our living system lives within the Earth's living system.. Dja

A Terra está viva!!
As batidas do seu coração, assim como a tua respiração, estão diretamente conectados com o rítimo da Terra.  A vitalidade do teu sistema biologico vive dentro da alma do mundo ramificado em tudo que existe na Terra. Somos embriões dela... Dja    

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Meu amor por essa origem transcende palavras, vai muito mais além do que eu posso dizer...
Blessed Be!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Recipe For Crazy

Incredibly interesting to observe the behavior of some random people. It's like they are preparing their favorite dish from a well known recipe. "Everybody else is cooking it, so why not me?" -They must tell themselves.
First a very important ingredient; they add false encouragement, hoping to God that at the "end" (sadly they actually pray to see the end of it)  they can say: "-I always supported you (like you owe them something like an apology for living your life the way you want to) because I love you, but I knew this wouldn't end well." That way they think they have their place saved in heaven. Once false encouragement is added they put in their doubts and call it "worries". They doubt that good things can happen without the "catch". Then they tell you just how worried they are because they "love you". Then it's time to pour some poison at their own discretion just to see if there is any reaction to it. To their delight a reaction is apparent allowing them to stir some gossip. Gossip hopefully will make sure to bring many visitors to try their dish. But they are still preparing it and by now everybody knows they will have free food soon, so they all can't wait to eat it. After that they blend together all their bitterness, judgement, lies, assumptions, exaggerations, enviousness thoughts, unrequested opinions and deliberate invasion of your personal life to add some spice to it. Can't forget to mash all feelings, choices, decisions and integrity of yours, because those are for desert. It's almost done when they dash some misguided conclusions of what they think life should be like for everyone according to their own tyrant and arrogant perceptions. Telling themselves just how delicious it's going to taste.
It's ready!! Now they gather to talk about how stupid you are and how much they love and miss you and how they wish you would just see that they are there for you, that your changes are only temporary and how patient and forgiving they are for all the horrible things you've said and done, again full of hope that God will open the gates for them. They discuss the latest absurd ridiculous things you are doing, that they find out by stalking on you, "secretly" checking out if "you are okay" thinking you have no idea who they are, they are so sure that you are oblivious to their malicious and "between the lines", intentional and provocative, random comments. At times they laugh at you, others they are just so angry, fruit of their own misery. Furthermore they say that everything you say to them applies only to yourself. They ignore your attempts to negotiate a fair outcome to both sides, they disregard your open and  honest  wishes, they say everything you want is not really your want and that you are certainly only doing what someone, other than them, wants.
Then they eat their own gak!!
They obviously don't like the taste of it then they promise to do a better job next time, in a repetitive obsessive cycle.  They are sure that they haven't done anything wrong and don't know why it doesn't taste so good. The taste of abandonment... They abandon you and everything that means the world to you so that they can say you abandoned them.. Tasteless minds..

Our suggestion is; - change the ingredients!
Bon Appetite
Cheers ;)


This is home from now on..

Life is beautiful...

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Only you know exactly what you want, only you can make your life worthwhile.
-If you share your life with a significant one only the two of you know why...

I love your feet..

Thursday, April 12, 2012


As promised I've just began blogging about my feminine nature.  I'm loving this journey!
It is certainly a good way to expand within and I feel privileged to give and receive of the feminine essence we all share..
Come along with me :)

With all my love,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This is so special :) Everyday a bit of us is shared and you notice what matters most... We will work on the last request because we think it's a great idea and women will have a spot "just for them" here! I will have to come up with a name for it, so any suggestions?!?! Let me silence my mind and see what experiences speaks louder to me as I share my multi-faceted woman nature..
I'm anticipating a very rewarding trade of essences and I can't wait to live it..


Monday, April 9, 2012


What an excellent long weekend with the kids, no one went without more than enough chocolate :D
Our girl baked two cakes and our boy just about ate them all himself.. Nothing can be more meaningful than this presence we share with each other. A million moments in one home, the beautiful pictures taken in our minds of the details witnessed that a camera could never capture. The laughter we contagiously share is the loud sound we will always hear.. Thank you, more please!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


To us, Easter symbolically represents passage, crossing from one dimension to another, the connection between spiritual, emotional, body and mind.
To be aware of the passages is to understand that nothing really dies, because nothing is wasted...
Alchemy allows us to transform an essence into many and many essences into one.
We wish you great passages, great journeys.. May you always see the potential in every essence.


Friday, April 6, 2012


Guess what?!?
The grass is not greener on the other side, we live by working in our own garden and it flourishes !!
Needless to say, at times we are asked about the fertilizer we use in order to have such beautiful flowers and there isn't anything more gratifying to us than to share "the secret". There is nothing we use in our garden that isn't available to all.. We care for it, every day. We admire the blossoming of our dedication, we feel deserving of it's beauty. We encourage every soul, sensitive enough to learn the craft of planting the right seeds..
When you touch the earth with your bare hands and work with it, it will provide..

Thank You Love..   

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Wondering about the hidden messages in all the chaos that the unusual weather brings to us..

Monday, April 2, 2012


Most of our things need to be sold, we can't take it with us and we need the money..
We are so excited to start all over :) OBA!! Loving it..