Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Silence After The Tempest - O Silêncio Depois Da Tempestade

So I've missed you, your penetrating truth, your loud silence... I've missed your inconvenient transparency, the smile right before the jump, your invitations to search for my beautiful madness... I've missed your peculiar sadness, underneath your tender loving nature, for it is a reminder that we won't be here forever. I've missed the poetry in your passion for unspoken perspectives, the excluded cultures, the uninvited presence... I've missed your music, the lyrics in the movements of your soul dancing with the words. I've missed your eyes, your unapologetic vision, your gifted sight.
Make yourself at home, here, from where you never really left... Tune into our ancient temple, dwell in my confusion and out of it, for I know you came to stay...

-Dja Pierce

"Aprenda a confiar no que está acontecendo.
Se há silêncio, deixa-o aumentar, algo surgirá.
Se há tempestade, deixa-a rugir, se acalmará."
---- Lao Tsé

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