Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ancestors - Ancestrais

"Just as our creative gifts come to us from a sacred source, it's a comfort knowing the wisdom we gain through times of loss and difficulty is passed down to us from those that have gone before – from a pool of wisdom compiled through the experience of many generations, on loan to us while we find our way. By accepting it, we also accept the responsibility of where it came from – a precious gift from the ones who knew and loved us most, and from the ones we never knew but who guide us gently with invisible hands. It’s our job to receive it, integrate it, and share it as a chapter in the broader story of our collective lives. Who we are becoming includes our personal experiences, as well as the memories and wisdom of the dead, grafted to our spirits so that the ancestors live on. In this way, our pain is not ours alone."
Kristen Roderick | Artwork by Joyce Tenneson

Love, Dja

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