Monday, March 21, 2016

Highly Sensitive - Profundamente Sensível


I'm overwhelmed by this presence... As I learn to stay with my core, your gentle smile enters my eyes, your approach fills my cracks with joy and my breathing has changed since I saw it for the first time... The highly sensitive understands what's not said, feels what's underneath, pulses thick and thin with the wave patterns of every encounter... 
Pulling from every direction is this sound, this presence in every little gesture pulling and saying; -I'm there and you're here...

"We’ve been on a roll since
Your breath first graced my skin
This fire unfolds steadily
It keeps me warm within"

On my mind, the still picture of your face isn't so still... It has told me many stories and convinced me to trust your guiding, it has kept me company, every night, just before I fall asleep.
And when I wake up every morning, it invites me to reconsider my old habits and to remember who I am...

-Dja Pierce

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